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Большая ложка ordered home and office Mykolaiv!

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Стоимость доставки - 15 % от суммы заказа.
Categories of dishes

Home food delivered to your door from the dining area Large Spoon

If you spun in the affairs and concerns, and do not have time for breakfast quality, you definitely need to order a lunch to eat something hot. Affordable and tasty lunch at the office can be found in the dining room menu Big Spoon, which offers residents Nikolayev large variety of tasty dishes prepared "for grandma" recipes using fresh ingredients. You will be offered not only delicious food, but also a large and hearty servings that you nakushalsya enough of their favorite dishes from childhood, and could even bring to the job. In addition, the dining room offers food delivery in all regions of Nikolayev, and you can get your lunch while you work or study, it is very convenient and also inexpensive, because the service free.

Homemade soup, chops and other dishes with delivery anywhere in the city

If you suddenly wanted to homemade food, and cooking have neither the strength nor the desire, you can always enjoy delicious treats in the dining room a big spoon. Here you will find hot and fragrant soup with beans, meat and sour cream, which you can also buy a pie with meat and potatoes and fruit compote. If you are very hungry enough, then one of borscht is not enough, you can buy as a second dish pork chop or chicken, baked with cheese and vegetables, as well as a side dish to take mashed potatoes, buckwheat, pasta, French fries or salad. Borsch, soup and other liquid food is delivered in special containers, which are well retain the shape and temperature of the food, they do not shed and do not mix with other treats. These hearty lunch will add you strength for the rest of the day, and you do not even think about hunger during the important things.

Buy cheap pastries in Nikolaev

If you do not have time for breakfast at home, you can do it at work. After all, almost every office has a kettle and water to make a tea or coffee, and to them, you can order a fragrant pastries in the cafeteria Big Spoon. In contrast to the fashionable and popular bakeries city, the prices are very affordable, and the dishes are large and fresh, including pastries. Cakes and rolls straight from the oven will deliver to any area of ​​Nikolaev still hot. You can buy a snack for the patties with salt filling: meat, mushrooms, vegetables, potatoes and eggs, as well as sweet: with jam, cheese, fruits and berries, as well as chocolate. The menu also has a pizza calzone, sochniki, bagels, cheesecake, donuts in powdered sugar, muffins with raisins, dried apricots and dried fruits, and even juices and drinks to these dishes.